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Rumor Has It

Written by saumiere

The rumor has already spread through hallway, murmur by murmur, or whispering with all the misinformation gained. It is just a matter of time, when everybody would know what is happening here. I don’t blame anyone, just blame it to bad or evil intentions, or whatever intentions are. The words have its own meaning, and karma is a bitch. May the Lord give punishment to all whom spread the rumor.

Several nights ago, when rain falls with its rhythm, my heart goes blues. The meatballs soup that I eat with my friend doesn’t feel good for any reason. I heard the rumor that my separation with my wife had been talked between my colleagues in one car. At least that what my friend said, and I assume that the gossip then flying through the air, from one faculty to one another, heard by them. I can’t blame the one who responsible for this, I only can assume that whom the one stand behind my wall that is the one who responsible. You name it.

This reflection is not coming by zero reason. One day I go to my faculty and one of my colleague confront me with that severe rumor. It’s like, I’m facing the ghost which was actually my past that died six months ago. How is my reaction? I try to calm and gasping the air slowly, and I answer it by the scenario that I arranged a long time. I answer slowly that all that happen is a destiny from the Lord itself. Even when he try to dig more deep, I strongly try to keep my chin up, smile and looked at him, while I said that it is the only reason behind my separation. Then all my day just ruined, I spend that evening with tears in my heart. I talked to my mother and she was tried to calm me down. I pray to the lord, please bring me justice while my tears down.

So, the next day, after the ghost facing my face, I hijack the only woman that I ever been talked about my separation. I drag her to the nearest meatballs stall and confront her “what is happening around the faculty”. Why everyone looked at me with poor-you look. The answer is right above paragraph. Someone tear my heart with the rumor that is not her business. Someone try to eat my severe separation and share it with other persons. And you know what the most sadist thing, that someone said that she doing it because she care about me, “she try to help” my friend said. I don’t care about the reason. What I know is, talking about me behind my back and spreading the severe gossip are cruel. And I pray, may Lord bring the justice.

I just really hope, that I strong enough to face another confrontation in another time. It’s only a matter of time, that the rumor and the fact, become headlines in the world.

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