Fashion Issue : Mario Testino’s Towel Series

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From Karlie Kloss to Kate Moss, from Justice Jocelyn to Justin Bieber, there is one thing that linked them, they ever posed for a never-ending project and maybe will be the magnum and memorable creation from Mario Testino artificial effort, Towel Series.

Testino’s work magnifies some value that very personal for me, which are simplicity, human-centered, and diversity. Since the beginning, these value reflected in some snapshot and photograph that Mario Testino has done, just see the personal project in his website where subject parties reflect the human and their diversity, in their skin and preferences including fashion.

Selena Gomez posed for Mario Testino’s Towel Series

In Towel Series, Testino tries to capture the beauty in the simplicity of men and women where they wear only a white towel. Can you imagine, how the beauty can be reflected in only a white towel wherein fashion it used to described on haute couture? I think only Mario Testino can do that. Look at the fresh face of Karlie Kloss when wearing a white towel, seem natural, simple and also beauty. There is no over makeup or some haute couture to capture that words.

Supermodel Millenial Karlie Kloss in Mario Testino’s Work

When it comes to a man, that project describes an additional word, which is sexiness. Sexy means not in the terms of sexual desire but in the terms of manhood. Look at the hot bod of Justice Jocelyn. With only a towel, he can seduce every women that he interested in. Also look at the Justin Beiber, his pose shall ignite the romance between him and his love mate, Selena Gomez, who also pictured in the Towel Series also.

Wouteer Peelen, a dutch and notorious male model in Mario Testino’s Towel Series

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