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The Jakartans Weekend List: The Reading Room Kemang

Written by saumiere

Sipping cigars and cappuccino with a pile of books from Coelho in the middle of jungle trees, that was one of my desire to escape from the craziness of Jakarta. Luckily, I found it, and I don’t have to book a flight to Bali or wherever, you can found it here in Jakarta. Just across the street that drives you to the most visited place when the weekend coming in Jakarta, that Neverland you shall found it on Kemang, introducing Jakartan, The Reading Room Kemang.

If you one the people who loved a book, addicted to caffeine and liked to escape from a fake person, this place is a must, even if you just want to talk to someone or having a mid-meeting, this place is also yours. The first thing that you must recognize about this place is, there are no signs to notice visitor about that place. The building is not like luxury as Starbucks or Sebastian Coffee, just like home with terrace and coffee table outside and a pile of books.

Front door of The Reading Room. Classic and bring you back to the memory of Bali.

When you entered inside you will be greeted by absolutely no one but books, a lot of books that neatly arranged in the bookshelf, yes you can see a cashier and also waiter but they don’t greet you. Just come inside, pick the spot that you like. This café basically adopt the mixed concept of café and library, you can taste the smell of coffee and also smell of books. there are two floors, the first floor basically for meeting or gathering, there are a lot of big sofas and a big table with a lot of chairs. In the second floor, it’s more café rather than a meeting point. A barista, coffee table bar, and sofa for two.

This café basically adopt the mixed concept of café and library, you can taste the smell of coffee and also smell of books.

I pick the second floor, I visited that place with my friend Utha who have broken heart in that week. So he tells everything and I just listening and give some advice and sometimes take a picture. In the median time, I read books like Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert or Freakonomics by Steven Levit. Don’t forget to try cappuccino or rum coffee, you will love it. In here also available some frappuccino and I forgot is there any liquor in it. If you want don’t be bother, just ask. The food is also café standard.

Try cappuccino. Classic and also classy.

So if you are a person who loves books and hate crowd and want to escape from the rush and madness of Jakarta, this place is for you.

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